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Privacy Policy

What do Holiday1st and Text Abroad Holidays Ltd. do with information collected?

When you browse the contents of our site, we do not collect any personal information about you unless you fill in any request and send the details to us.

When booking a flight holidays or taking out insurance we need to supply 3rd parties with a certain amount of information to enable them to complete the reservation/booking process. This information may include such details as your name, address and credit card details. We do not disclose more information than is required to complete this process. Information will be held on file along with details of your booking and will be used in relation to that and all administration and/or obtaining professional advice.

Holiday1st or its parent company Text Abroad Holidays Ltd. may use part of the information that you have supplied to contact you regarding your holiday, should the need arise.

Holiday1st may also use this information to contact you regarding special promotions and offers from time to time. We also reserve the right to forward to selective trading partners information in order for them to establish contact with you only. The information you provide us with may be passed to non-travel related companies.

If you prefer for this information not to be passed on to any company other than in relation to your booking or enquiry than you must inform us at:

Falcon Court
209 Broadway
Pacific Quays
Salford Quay
Salford. M50 2UE
or email us at

When you view our site by linking from another web page we may store the name of that web page for purposes of internal administration. Also please note that any contact with Text Abroad Holidays Ltd., either online or by telephone, may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Where is my personal information stored?
All personal information is stored in secure databases at secure addresses to prevent unauthorised access.

What is a 'cookie'?
Cookies are small files which are sent to your browser (for example Internet Explorer or Netscape) are stored on your computer's hard disk. They only identify your computer and not you personally.

How does & Text Abroad Holidays Ltd. use cookies?
We use cookies to measure site usage such as entry and exit points of visitors, how many people visit a certain section or page and details or searches performed and related information.

What about the website linked companies?
This website uses 'html' in its content and links for your own personal use and other companies that are reputable in standing. These companies may collect information about you in order to collate data of its users for statistical purposes and/or completed any transaction of which you may have made.

These companies operate their own terms and conditions or which you have to abide by. It is in your own interest to read these terms and conditions before further viewing their contents or purchasing goods on offer. If you are concerned to their style of trading and/or their security it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the companies own data protection and security systems.

Holiday1st or its parent company Text Abroad Holidays Ltd. will assume no responsibility for details passed onto 3rd parties for any purchase made through them.

We do not sell or profit from any information that may be passed to a 3rd party for use in relation to their business.

We do not pass this on without your consent. If we do not receive notice from yourself either in writing or confirmed e-mail, Holiday1st or its parent company Text Abroad Holidays Ltd. will assume your consent for the age, storage and distribution of your details as outlined in this policy.